Join us for a 5 Day Challenge 
 New Year, New You
New Year Woe's
Have you found yourself lost in your mission and its not even the end of January?

Our 5 Day Challenge will work directly with your big goal, we will coach you virtually and use award winning tools to kick your 2018 goals into touch.

This is perfect for anyone, with any goal even if it may seem impossible right now!

This is about living the life you want, not just making do......Take action and be the best version of you!
Why go on this journey with us?
We are Dr. Amanda & Sarah Foo-Ryland, we have been in human development for more than 35 years. 

Your Life Live It has helped thousands of people live life to the full. We have 18 amazing Coaches who are based globally and we offer individual and corporate training both live and online.

We are a fully Accredited and Board approved with the American Board's of NLP, Time Line Therapy, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapy. You are absolutely in safe hands as we guide you on this journey into a better and more effective 2018

We have had our fair share of curve balls, far more than most. Amanda had cancer, lost her husband to the same disease, they faced scruitiny as a same sex couple and 2 weeks before their wedding Sarah's Mum was killed whilst diving. We have put these life accelerating tools seriously to the test!
This FREE 5 Day Challenge will take your goals and...
  • We introduce you to the wonderful world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by helping you understand the powerful part of your mind that operates 90% of your behaviour.
  •  Using AWARD WINNING tools we will guide you in setting yourself up for a successful 2018, whatever your goals may be.
  • You will have direct access to both Dr. Amanda & Sarah throughout the 5 days.
  •  You will have physical tools to keep you on track throughout.
  •  Exclusive access to the VIP Facebook group where you will be free to share your thoughts and get feedback on what your 2018 intentions may be.
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